Safe Management Measures – Quality Assurance

With recent pandemic spreading across the world, several organisations are coerced in the seemingly everlasting battle. Now, this pandemic has not just brought about the extreme uncertainty but rising health & safety concerns. It’s undeniable that the organisations are forced to reinvent this wheel, to adopt the agile method of working that ensures safety of each employee and, stem spread of the COVID-19 in their workplaces with safe management measures.

More to know

Singapore is preparing to embark on the three-phase approach of resuming their activities safely, and commencement of the business operations are of no exception. But, when businesses are allowed to resume their operations & employees are returning onsite, its worth to note that we aren’t over a hump yet. Among a lot of measures to reduce risk of the widespread re-emergence of the COVID-19 in our community, there’s the need for the improved safe management measures & protocols at the workplaces for returning much stronger than before. The effective implementation of the safe management measures can help the organisations to stay away from a need to restore the tight restrictive measures.

How will workplaces assess any risk better for the exposure & establish, implement or maintain the Safe Management Measures Plan? Leave on the professional hands & let’s take you through the journey!

Building Resilience with the Quality Safe

It is important to establish the sector-specific & detailed monitoring program that complies with nationwide safe management measures & requirements, and cater your business’ unique requirements.