Safe Guarding The House Keys At Old Age

Age reduces memory power and strength. Keeping track and record of all things is a tough task for the elderly. Even while living alone, having valuables with them needs tight security. A variety of vaults and safes are available for them. The house keys are also an important asset. The aged might be stuck in an accident or emergency where some trusted person might need immediate access to their house. Rather than entrusting duplicate keys to many people, the safe makers have found the solution with key safes outside the home.

Working Methodology

The safes are built rigidly to give full safety from breaking and theft. The lock system is either the digital keypad or spin dial combination.

The only care taken is to shuffle the dial numbers to ensure the lock is put.

Safeguarding Safes

Once the number or combination is told, the safes need a new one for further protection. Changing the combination is easy, and the owner can do it themselves. Manual guides gave with the product help with step-wise instructions. One should choose rigid material as many of them have less durability and easily breakthrough.

Features Of The Safes

  1. Material for the exterior body is steel immune to any tool hammering and trials to break. Weathering and fire resistance are included.
  2. Wall mounting facility to put up at elevated or secure places. Combination locks are commonly used.
  3. Multiple key holders for all the keys of the house and vehicles.
  4. New models with camouflaging designs to conceal the key safes and making them look like buzzers or bells.

To choose theĀ best key safe for elderly, feasible locking methods and durability are important factors. Safes are specially made for the aged as many of them want to live independently. But in case of emergency, paramedics or service helpers should be able to access them for help.