How to determine the quality of cannabis seeds?

Once you decided to grow cannabis in your home, then the first step you have to do is to find the best seed bank for buying seeds. There is no shortage of seed banks, but you have to choose a reputable seller. Also, you need to be patient if you are buying cannabis seeds when ordering overseas. The shipping process might get delay if it extends than 3-4 days it is good to contact the provider to know about your delivery. As a grower, it is better to know how to determine the quality of weed seeds and if you feel it is in low-quality the vendor should be able to give you replacement seeds.

Color and appearance:Once you received the seeds, check them in the natural light. It should be in a bright color like black or brown. The weed seeds have some aesthetic qualities that differentiate from unhealthy or low-quality seeds. You could recognize the low-quality seeds by seeing its color.

Size and shape: The good quality seed is in symmetrical rounded shape or a tear-drop-shape. The immatures seeds are usually in irregular shapes and come in a smaller size. The healthy seeds are crack-free and have durable outer shells.

Test seeds:One of the best way to check the quality of the seeds is a float test. It is a simple test as you have to drop the seeds in the water and see whether it floats or sinks. The seeds which sink are said to be good quality seeds.