Customize the windows according to your needs with a perfect fit

The customers who want to know about the free fabric samples can feel free to get in touch with our team. You can read more about the unique features and price points if you select s fabric range. The customers can find the features and specifications of the products if they just visit our web page. The perfect elegant finish will be added to the pelmets in order to reduce the incoming light. The roof of your home should be insulated particularly in the winter and summer season. The pelmets can fit with your windows perfectly as they can be customized according to your needs at blinds Melbourne. The luxurious drapery fabric can be used to match the theme of your home. If you want to match your blinds then you should bond them with the hard blind fabrics.


Request for extra payment:

The permanent fixtures can be found in all the pelmets of the modernly built homes in Australia. All sorts if curtains and blinds are available with great quality and sold by the blinds Melbourne retailers. The custom pelmet boxes are sold online by many of the retailers. The harder blind fabrics should be specified in order to match with your existing blinds. The extra payment is requested by the customers for the transport costs. The purchaser must ensure to contact our team if they want to activate the warranty. If you want to stop the harsh sun from seeping through then there a wide variety of the block out blinds available at our company. You can feel free to contact our team if you require any assistance about the products available at our company.

A wide range of options:

The block out materials or fabric is featured in each and every product which is listed on our website. The premium shutter look can be provided at a lower price for the customers at our company to place the orders. The customers will have a chance to select the options from the wide range of options provided to the customers. If you want to opt for a contemporary or modern look then you can select any one of our painted varieties. The natural look can be brought to the indoors with the help of the Venetian blinds. There are different types of blinds at our company so you can select the blinds as per your requirement.